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Smooth by H. Van Dulm


Smooth is a challenging composition because it requires various technical skills. However the rudimental snare drum solo is still very colorful. Various rudiments from the classical percussion style as well as the modern rudimental drumming style are combined, which makes this one a very well-designed snare drum solo.

Please mind that the sticking of this solo is up to the performer. There’s no sticking notated at all.

  • About the Author

    Herman van Dulm has started his drumming career at the age of 12 with the corps of ‘Prins Willem Alexender’ (Elst, The Netherlands). Playing in the corps, he learned the fundamentals of playing the snare drum. After having been a member of this corps for more than 20 years, it was time to broaden his horizons. Herman joined the show and marching band ‘Arnhems Trompetterkorps’ (Arnhem, The Netherlands). After a period of six years, he joined the percussion group of harmony ‘St. Caecilia’ (Gendt, The Netherlands) to further develop himself in classical percussion.

    During his musical career Herman specializes himself in two systems. First the American system with rudiments and second the Swiss system, so called the Basel drumming. At the same time, he has followed a course in percussion instruction with in addition a course in conducting techniques. After a number of years teaching and instruction at various associations, Herman has started composing percussion music. You can find some of his compositions in our webshop.

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    The composition is in a .pdf format. That means you will need a pdf-reader on your device to read this drum book. Nowadays, on most devices there's standard a pdf-reader installed. 


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    very advanced 

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