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About us

This is our story about tradition, passion and innovation.

We live adventures with passionate drummers.

We believe in dedication, craftsmanship and we strive for an experience of excitement that lasts a lifetime. 

We have a mission. Rudimental Drummers aims to excite as many people possible for our shared passion: the wonderful percussive arts. Making dreams reality, we unite yesterday's traditions with today's innovation. To encourage drummers' dedication, we craft supreme quality and exciting products. We always do our utmost to craft our products in a fair and sustainable way. Consequently, we pass the planet on to the next generation as a more wonderful place to live. 

Rudimental Drummers

Craftsmanship. Beats. Talent.

This is RD

Rudimental Drummers is much more than just a company that crafts supreme quality practice instruments. We are musicians, admiring the activity. We are human beings seeking connection with the past and excited for the future.