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Pouring Beer

A wonderful practice experience

As accessible as a craft beer a month 

For you and the community

This is how it works.
Best possible experience

Supreme practicing

Best possible experience

We provide you with everything you need for a great practice experience. First of all an RD Pad, one of the most realistic practice pads. You also get plenty of sheet music to practice with. In addition you can expect the very best service from us, 7 days a week. 

A craft beer a month


A craft beer a month

We were confident we could offer a complete experience for the price of a craft beer a month. Stop drinking, start practicing. The amount will be credited to your account monthly. 

Contribute to the community

Share passion

Contribute to the community

Your subscription belongs in a cycle. When your pad has the first traces of use, we'll provide you with a new one. Your pad goes to someone who could not possibly afford the music equipment. This way you make yourself and the community stronger. 

We make supreme quality practice pads accessible to everyone. 

Getting as many people possible excited about our shared passion.

This is craftsmanship

We have two RD Pads available for subscription. The White Marching Pad with an authentic feel and the Black Chop Pad, a more high-pitched pad.