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The rudiments are the basis of the drummers thinking and technique, and of course, the historical musical heritage. They are the starting point where one's journey into percussion instruments begins, and it is with their help a small musician grows into a great professional drummer.  Therefore Pavel started to write a series of books full of exercises to train control, speed and feel for these rudiments. 


This book contains 18 chapters wich consists mostly of multiple exercises, among which exercises about: 

  • Building pyramids 
  • Short rolls 
  • Single strokes 
  • Accents 
  • Grace notes 
  • Rhythmic figures and structures 



Rudiments Time Control Speed 1 by P. Stepanov

  • About the Author

    Pavel Stepanov is an inspiration to musicians as well as all mankind. He is member of the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.) where he holds the rank Honorary/Lifetime Member. He has been a driving force an very valuable ambassador for rudimental drumming, ever since. 

    Pavel is also instructor, arranger and composer for the 806 drummers of the "Parade of Drummers" during the Saint Petersburg's Day celebrations. 

    Power, precicion, passion. Pavel Stepanov brings these qualities to life consistenly with every performance. His drumming skills are truly exceptional. 

  • Language

    The book is written in Russian and English simultaneously. Every paragraph of text is translated in both languages. 

    The sheet music is notated following the American standards. 

    This makes the book internationally accessible. 

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