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Hattori Legati - snare drum etude


Little bit tired of always playing the 8-8-16 sequence to practice your legato strokes? This might be a cool snare drum etude for you. This one is written based on the song 'Hattori' by Gallowstreet, a Dutch brass band. Practicing your legato strokes while listening and playing along to some cool music, makes it a lot more fun. 


When ordering this etude, you will get a single user license of the sheet music. There's also an audiotrack included with a full battery + drum-kit playing the etude, so you can also listen to the snare drum parts and play along with a full battery. You can listen to a preview of that track here.  


To play along with the song by Gallowstreet, just listen their music here

  • File type

    • The sheet music is in a .pdf format. That means that you will need a pdf-reader on your device to read the music. Nowadays, on most devices there's already a pdf-reader installed by default. 
    • We've also included a .mp3 file type audiotrack, to play-along with. For this file type you will need a mp3 player. On most devices there's also a mp3 player installed by default. 
  • Level






    very advanced 

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