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Or mail your video manually to

Record a video of  Crazy Army.

Share the tradition and be part of our drummers family.

What we ask

Make a video of you playing Crazy Army on your RvH Signature (rope drum) Pad. 

(see video requirements below) 

What you get

Participating in such a cool project always feels amazing. Good vibes. 

A huge amount of views on your work. Our social media channels have about 1000 views daily. 

A coupon code good for 10% discount on a product of your choice on our website.

Video Requirements

  • Play along with the provided play-along track (download on the right) without hearing the track in your actual video. 

  • Use portrait mode while recording your video (vertically oriented) 

  • Make sure that you have a nice shot: you have to be in the picture from your face to the bottom of your RvH Signature Pad. 

  • Please watch the video of Daan explaining and illustrating the requirements of this video. (Video below) 

Download the play-along track and sheet music here: 

This package contains a .mp3 file with a play-along track of Crazy Army on 92BPM and the sheet music of the solo written by Ed Lemly in a .pdf format. 

Please watch this short video before recording. 

In this short video Daan explains and illustrates the requirements for making your video. 

Done? Yeah! 

Please e-mail your video to us before the end of May. Your video may be uploaded via any file sharing platform you'd like. Once we received your video well, we will send you the discount code.  

Or mail your video manually to

What you (may) need for making this video: 

  • Your RvH Signature Pad

  • A pair of drum sticks

  • Sheet music of Crazy Army

  • A camera

  • A tripod to put your camera on

  • A second device to play the mp3 file on.

  • Earphones or headphones. 

Thank you for being part of our drummers family. 

- René van Haaren & Daan Cornelissen 

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