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We make all our compositions and scores with Musescore, and when possible and needed with Musescore Drumline (marching percussion extension of musescore). Musescore offers a lot of options when making scores and has for most of the percussion instruments a good playback sound. That means that we are also able to deliver you an audiofile along with the score, which can give you an indication how the composition should sound like. 

File formats

Standard we will deliver you the scores in a .pdf file type. That means that you need a pdf-reader on a digital device to be able to read the score. Nowadays, most of the digital devices have a pdf-reader installed by default. 

When you requested a score with more than one instrument or lines, you will get automatically different .pdf files delivered. One with the director score and all the different instrument apart in their own files. We can send you them all by e-mail, with a Google Drive link or together in a .zip-file. 

When extra requested it's also possible to get the editable file format of the score. You can choose from a .musicxml or .msc (Musescore) file format. 

It's also possible to get audiotracks delivered along with the score, which can give you an indication how the composition should sound like. This audio files can be delivered in a .mp3 (compressed) or a .wav (uncompressed) file type. 

Musescore also gives more options we can export scores to. Check out if you are interested in other file types and check if that is possible.  

What we compose

We only compose amelodic percussion music. That means that we can write snare drum solos, tenors solos, music for percussion ensembles, battery scores or other field percussion. We do not compose for brass, woodwinds, strings or melodic percussion instruments like marimba, vibraphone or timpanies. 

We are able to write in a lot of different styles. Our different teammembers are all specialized in different kind of styles, so depending on what you want from us you can decide which composer fits your needs the best. 

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