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We have a mission. Rudimental Drummers aims to excite as many people as possible for our shared passion: the wonderful percussive arts. With this goal in mind, we unite yesterday's traditions with today's innovation. To keep drummers dedicated to their passion, we craft high-quality and exciting products. Did you already see someone rocking our RD Pads, RD Drumsticks or RD Apparel? Our RD Pads are the most realistic practice pads available.

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We admire each tradition and style. Our products complement the different approaches to rudimental drumming.

Create an experience of excitement that lasts a lifetime.

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Your style, your product. Our RD Pads are customizable to your needs. Drumsticks, apparel and sheet music are available for different styles of rudimental drumming.

Get excited.

Get excited.

We craft your product with artisanal attention to detail. This will take a maximum of seven weeks. We will keep you updated in the meantime. We hope you appreciate the extra time it takes to make customized and high-quality products.



You can live adventures with hundreds of other passionate drummers that have already chosen for Rudimental Drummers. Happy drumming!


We believe in an ever-growing drummer community. Passing on traditions from generation to generation. Read the Rudimental Drummers blog to stay inspired.