A beautiful practice pad, designed for the traditional drummer with a real authentic feel.


€186,00 / $206.00

RvH Signature Pad

RD Pad


Tension and feel 

Low tension, authentic feel

Drumhead diameter

Available in 16"


Evans G2 White Coated

Available rims

Wooden hoop

Find more information about the

different rims here

Tension rods 

Chrome tension rods 

Tunable with a regular drum key

What people say

  • It’s not a practise pad it’s a work of art.

    Luke Robinson


  • Great to have a pad that prepares a drummer for work on a Rope Drum when they can't practice on them all the time! It has a very similar feel to Rope than any other pads - especially playing on a larger pad.

    Mark Beecher

    United States

  • The rope drum pad is awesome! Exactly what I was hoping it would be: excellent quality, the Evans head provides excellent rope drum performance reaction and sound is perfect for home practice. Great job!

    Thomas A. Gabianelli

    United States

Product add-ons


Extra  Evans Sound Off Mute

An additional rubber surface to mute your RD Pad a bit more. It also takes away some rebound of the head, so you can train your muscles.  

The extra Sound Off Mute can be purchased by choosing the product options of the pad. It's not possible to buy it seperate from a pad, even though it's a seperate product and it's not directly attached to the pad. 

Sound Off cropped png.png

Practice pad stand

A very solid stand with double legs, perfect for your practice pad because it's way higher than a regular snare stand. 

With the extra grip extender you can mount every RD Pad on this stand. Without the grip extender you can mount 12" to 14" pads on the stand. 

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