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With the trend of increasing interest for Swiss and Basler drumming, more and more drummers are looking for answers to their questions about the system.
That's why Ben Dijkgraaf wrote this book.
With this book he has tried to further explain the Basler drum technique and the way in which it's usually interpreted, based on his experiences. It's intended to provide as many answers as possible to questions that mainly relate to the interpretation of the execution of this system.


With 88 pages in A4-format, among illustrations and full-color photos, you can read about the musical and technical aspects of this drum system from Switzerland, such as the basic concepts; so called 'Grundlagen' (Rudiments).  Also provided are methodical exercises, historical and cultural background of the system and drumming style, traditional and modern marches and compositions!


For a drummer or percussionist, Swiss drumming and in particular the Basler drum art is not only an enrichment from a technical point of view, but the explanation behind the whole system adds some real value to your general musical knowledge. 



From Grundlage to Endstreich

  • About the Author

    Ben Dijkgraaf is an experienced Dutch drummer with a real close connection to Basel.

    11 years old Ben started playing drums in 1981 in Delft at a local marching band.

    After his military service, that fulfilled as drummer at the Dutch Royal military band, he started playing at Show & Marching Band K&G from Leiden.

    In these years he met Marinus Vuick and Rob Verhagen, both  drum instructors with a strong connection with the Swiss Military and Basel style of drumming.

    The close friendship with them opened some great opportunities to meet Basel drummers like Alfons Grieder, an apprentice of Dr. Fritz Berger.

    Berger is considered to be the founder of the current Swiss drumming notation. His essays, compositions and marches were collated, and became accessible outside Basel as well.

    Being intrigued by the drumming style and its history and traditions, the annual Fasnacht (carnival) and the general development of drumming in Switzerland, Ben started sharing this information and excited other Dutch drummers. It didn’t take long for a group to be formed. Advanced and eager drummers from the western area of The Netherlands joined the group and were instructed by Verhagen for some time. The main purpose was to increase the popularity of this drumming system in The Netherlands.

    This is how Xander van der Ploeg, another renowned Dutch drummer and Ben founded Trommelgroep West Nederland (TWN); A drum corps that has made it their mission to share the Basler drumming tradition in The Netherlands, that over the years has gained a lot of respect at Swiss/Basel competition by Basel drummers.

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