New percussion books in our store

Want to practice something new? 🥁 ✨

We’re excited to announce that we have four new percussion books to sell on our website.

The following books are added to our collection:

1️⃣ Rudimental mini-solos by Maria Stepanov. This book is perfect for developing your rudimental techniques and contains many etudes, licks and exercises.

2️⃣+3️⃣ Rudiments Time Control Speed 1 and 2 by Pavel Stepanov. These two books feature many exercises to train control, speed and feel for the rudiments.

4️⃣ Three Famous Pieces by Pavel Stepanov. This book contains the following 3 solos: Crazy Army by Ed Lemley, Charger by Arthur Cappio and Drum Corps On Parade by John Pratt. The book also comes with a CD with audio recordings of the solos in different tempos.

We’re stoked about this amazing collaboration with Pavel and Maria! 🙏🏻❤️

Everything is written in both Russian and English throughout the books, this makes them accessible for everyone.

Are you excited to start practicing with these fantastic books? You can order them now on our website.

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