If you want to amaze the crowd.

Festivals, concerts, tattoos; our performance fits everywhere. 

What do you have in mind? 

We always deliver custom services, but just for your convenience some options:

  • Tattoo show 

  • Clinic rudimental drumming

  • Clinic #ShareTheTradition 

  • Demonstration rudimental drumming 

  • Workshop drumming (for all ages)  

Rudimental Drummers

Performance Ensemble

Rudimental drumming is what we do and who we are. We have a story to tell, and a tradition to share. 


You guys are magnificent in this style. This level of drumming is very nice to watch. A great act for every tattoo. 

~Henk-Jan Wormgoor 

  The Netherlands


Showing you what we can do with rudimental drumming and how we use it in our daily life.

5 - 20 min.


Telling a musical story about rudimental drumming. Giving you the tools to take yourself to a next level. 

30 - 120 min.

How to amaze your audience

Fill in the form

Do you have a great idea in mind that we can do for you?  Let us know by filling in our booking form. Everything is possible. 

Sign the contract

In just a couple of days we will let you know our availability and the wages we calculate for our performances. All our offers are totally without obligation.

Enjoy our performance

If you signed the contract, we will perform at your event according the terms and conditions appointed in the contract. All you have to do now is enjoying our performance. 

Pay afterwards

After we did the performance, you have three weeks to pay our wages as appointed in our contract. With that money we can build on a beatiful future full of rudimental drumming. 

We use some amazing stuff by great companies

Promark drumsticks always feel and play fantastic. We really like the balance of the stick and the sound these sticks produce. 

Tims Toms Percussion Products is always there when we are in need of some new drum stuff. He gives us the best service you can get. 

Majestic makes beautifull percussion instruments. We especially like the XTD snare drums and carriers we use for our performances. 

El Cajon

El Cajon Percussion is a great company from our country of origin that makes beautiful and innovative cajons. We really love the snare sound this cajons produce. 

This is one of the most innovative companies in the drumhead business, and that's why we like Evans drumheads so much. These drumheads give our drums the exact sound we want. 

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