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Drill design


We work with Field Artist, professional drill design software. 

File formats

Standard, the dotbooks and coordinate charts will be delivered in a .pdf file type. That means that you need a pdf-reader on a digital device to be able to read the files. Nowadays, most of the digital devices have a pdf-reader installed by default. So you can print the files easily or send them around to all the members of your ensemble. 

Because most of the time we deliver drills in parts, you'll receive a lot of files from us. Therefore we also work with Google Drive, where we can make a shared folder for you where we drop all the files you requested. 

The videos you will get along with the .pdf files are uploaded on our YouTube channel and shared with you with a private link. So you don't have to worry that anybody would see them. 

What do you get when you request a drill?

By default, the final product here is the dotbooks (setbooks) for every member of the ensemble and coordinate charts for the band director, visual tech or any person who need visualization of the figures the ensemble has to march. 

Sometimes the coordinate charts are provided with some remarks from the designer about the figures. That will be in done in the same document. 

By default you also get a video of the top view of the drill. It's also possible as extra option to request a 3D video of the drill. For the 3D video there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to view, uniforms, color guard et cetera. Contact us to get informed about all the options for the 3D video. 

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