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Selling your music on our platform

This is what we do with your work

We love the creativity of each composer, so we try to present the music always in its original state. That means that you as composer are responsible for the clarity and readability of your work. A legend is a requirement to sell your music on our platform. 

If you didn't make one yourself, we will provide your work with an front page. Besides that, we always add a page about the user license for the custumor. 

We would love the receive a precise description of your work and a video of an execution of your composition. That really helps with selling your work. If we don't receive anything from you, we will add a standard short description ourselves. 

What us make different from other publishers

We do not pretend to be an official publisher. That means that you don't lose your standard royalties of your own work, but we don't provide any extra royalties to your work. Also, you remain the owner of your own work. If, whenever, you want to stop selling your composition for any reason on our platform, we'll fix that in less than a week, without any red tape or costs. 

Because we are a platform for drummers by drummers, we don't have to make any profit of your work. And because our platform is pretty big, our costs are fairly low. So you can decide the customer price of your compositions yourself. But if you don't have any idea, we can do it for you too. At any time, you'll get 90% of the direct revenue of your work. The other 10% is used to invest in our platform or to pay our own bills. 

We'd love to share your music!

We are a great online platform for drummers with interest for different styles of rudimental drumming, and we would love to offer them a huge assortment of different music. And a larger assortment, means more interested drummers. And that's in the adventage of you as composer, because that increases the amount of potential customers of your composition(s). So with selling your music here you help the community grow while you are getting paid for it. Why are you still hesitating? 

Fill in the form

Fill in the form below so we get the basic information of you and your work. We will e-mail you within a week with some other questions for you and our thoughts about your work. 

Sign the contract

After you respond to our e-mail positively, we set up a contract about the terms and conditions and the payments. Your work will be online within two weeks after signing the contract. 

Making sales & get paid

Once your work is online, it's time to promote it and make sales. For every sale your composition make, you get 90% of the revenue. You will get paid each February and August. 

How it works

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